My Etsy Shop, A Year In Review 2014

Purple Polka Dots Designs by CnC


One of my goals for 2014 was to really focus on my Etsy Shop – Designs by CnC, by improving my SEO and photographs.  So I began the past year by researching many different articles, some of which I shared with you on my blog.  Referring back to my blog article, Etsy Shop Improvements, which I posted back on May 7, I am now able to take some time to review my stats for 2014.



Titles, Tags and Descriptions

One of the first changes that I made was to change my titles.  I researched other Etsy Shops that sold the same products as my store to see what tags were being used.  As I entered different search terms on Etsy, I noticed suggestions in the drop down menu.  These showed the most popular search terms used by visitors on Etsy.  So I made a note of these and included them into my tags.  I discovered that I was not using “handmade” in either my titles or tags.  An example of one of my new titles is “Handmade Greeting Card, Birthday, Lilac Geisha, Embossed Scroll”.  I repeated the title in both the description and also the tags.  For my particular situation, using “handmade”, “homemade” and “handcrafted” in my tags has really made a huge difference.


Yet another change I made was in the quality and quantity of my photographs.  I wanted to brighten up my photos and also show more detail.  After all, when selling online, the customer is not actually able to hold my item in their hands so my photographs need to be clear and bright to get them to purchase the items.  So I did research and read several different articles about photography.  One of the most important things that I actually read was my owners manual for my camera.  I just began to experiment with different settings until I achieved the look I was after.  When selling on Etsy, you are allowed 5 spaces for photos.  On some of my listings, especially my oldest ones, I was not using all of them.  I was missing out on additional opportunities to win over my customers.  So I added some shots with close ups and with different angles.

Adding More Shop Listings

A big change for me this year was doubling the amount of listings in my shop.  I expanded my supply listings, adding about 30 listings for rubber stamps.  When I reached about 125 listings, I began to notice a rise in sales.  Having more items gives my customers additional variety from which to choose.  Customers are also now purchasing multiple items at a time.

Shop Arrangement

For the Christmas Season, I completely reorganized the arrangement of my shop.  With my colorful Christmas banner at the top of the page, I moved all of my Christmas merchandise to the first few pages of my shop.  It set a whole festive mood and looked just like you were walking into a Christmas Open House.  I received many compliments about the appearance of my shop, but most importantly, I was selling merchandise!


So the question is, Did all of my research and hard work pay off?  The answer is yes.  I was able to triple my sales.  For 2013 – views 11,502; favorites 1,611; orders 47.  For 2014 – views 27,763; favorites 3,207; orders 125.  I made so many changes at the same time, I was not able to tell which one had the most impact.  My advice would be to perhaps make changes more gradually so you can better gauge the effectiveness of each change.  The more time and effort you devote to your Etsy Shop, the more you will get out of it.  I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve both my shop and my talents as a greeting card designer.


4 thoughts on “My Etsy Shop, A Year In Review 2014

  1. Princess Chaos's Oma says:

    So awesome! I am working on some of the same things with my Etsy store! I’m concentrating right now on getting more links to my store for SEO purposes. I would love to feature your Etsy store on my blog, in exchange for the same consideration? I will definitely be following your exploits! Good luck to the both of us!

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