The Chalk Board Table Project

With my daughter’s growing obsession for the new Lego sets, I have been wanting to make room in her play room to give her more space to build her Lego Heartlake City. We spent a couple of days reorganizing the room, clearing out all of the toys that she has outgrown. This kinda made me feel a little melancholy to realize how quickly my baby girl has grown up. She is now part of the robotics team at her school and absolutely loves to build and create things.


We already had one 6 foot table set up in the playroom. It just so happened that we found an old wooden 6 foot table at a church sale. It was used as a craft table and had a lot of paint stains on it. It was actually made with particle board. I discovered that it had some rather deep scratches, and I did not want to sand it down for fear that I would take it down to far. So I cleaned the surface of the table and trimmed off the rough edges with a razor blade.


At Menards, I purchased a quart of black chalkboard paint. I began this project by masking the edges of the table with tape. With a paint roller, the first coat was applied to the table going long ways. After this coat dried, I applied the next coat short ways. This helped to minimize the roller lines from showing. The table took a total of four coats of paint. I let the table sit for three days and then we moved it into the playroom.


We began moving some of the Lego sets onto the table. My daughter has a lot of new ideas and plans to redesign and rebuild her city. I did hear some talk about drawing in a roadway system on her new table. As with any great project, this will take some time to complete. Can’t wait to see what she creates!



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