Thoughts of Autumn

As I say goodbye to the summer, my thoughts travel quickly to my most favorite time of year, autumn. I have already noticed a cooler, crisper change to the air and have been watching for the leaves to begin their glorious color change. Along with playing in the fallen leaves, one of things I have always loved about autumn is Halloween, especially when I was a small child. Things have changed so much over the years, when I was young, I can remember going out to trick or treat and getting the most amazing homemade goodies. My first stop was always at the house down the street that offered caramel apples, then there was the warm apple cider followed by the stop for popcorn balls. Of course, there was always a ton of candy too. My mother always made wonderful sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins, cats and witches. I still have her set of cookie cutters and make these cookies for my family. My girls also request that I make caramel apples and popcorn balls. To me, autumn is a special time to share warm memories, traditions and a great time to get back into the kitchen and make some nice cozy comfort food.

This morning it is cool and rainy outside, so here I am getting cozy with my cup of hot chocolate working on Halloween designs. I have been busy making some new greeting card designs. This year is my daughter’s last year of grade school, so I am trying to make it really special for her. I was thinking ahead for something that I could do for her classroom Halloween party. So I came up with a totally new design, Halloween candy bar holders.

Featured are some of my newest designs for the upcoming Halloween season. Happy Haunting!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Autumn

  1. juliescentsy says:

    Wow, you are so creative! I love the Candy Bar holder, that is adorable! Such a great idea for party invitations! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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