Etsy Shop Improvements

Purple Polka Dots ShopBannerDuring the course of the last month, I have found and reblogged several different articles about how to improve your Etsy Shop. These articles have covered everything from SEO to tags and titles and even photography. After reading through all of them, it got me to thinking about my Etsy Shop. So, I took some time off from my design studio and my blog to focus on implementing some of the suggestions that the articles had to offer.

I began by reviewing every item in my shop. This was quite a task because I have over 180 items. My titles were adjusted first. An example of this would be my Blue Hydrangea Embossed Polka Dot Birthday Greeting Card. I discovered that I had this arranged in the incorrect indexing order. Now, the new title is Handmade Greeting Card, Birthday, Blue Hydrangea, Embossed Polka Dot. Next, I reworked all of my tags. Here’s where I discovered a really big mistake on my part. I just assumed that everyone would know that my cards are all handmade. I did not have handmade or even homemade listed in any of my tags or titles. So I added both to my tags and also included handmade in my titles as well. I also made sure to use my tags in my descriptions too.

Next, I reviewed all of my photographs. The photos on my newest items were alright, but on my earliest listings not so much. I was not using all of the 5 photo slots that are allowed. Essentially, I was missing out on several opportunities to have my items found. Also, my photographs did not show enough detail and texture and were rather boring. I just had photos of the front of the card and the card with the envelope. I only showed a photo of the inside if it had a message. If the card was blank, I did not show a photo of the interior. That got me to thinking, just because I state that the card is blank inside, shouldn’t I show a photo to prove it, thus providing more detail? So, I took new photographs showing more detail, different angles and also the insides of all cards. A great example of this is my Handmade Greeting Card, Happy Birthday, Deep Blue Sea Fishing, Cerulean Blue And White.

Angle shot with detail.

Angle shot with detail.

Interior shot of the card without an inside verse.

Interior shot of the card without an inside verse.

My shop makeover was a long and tedious project, especially retaking all the many photographs. After I reworked the titles and tags, I did notice a rise in the number of views within 24 hours. The total make over project took me nearly 3 weeks to complete. My number of views is still continuing to rise, along with favorites and most importantly I am getting more sales! This has been a great learning experience and I wish that I had discovered all this when I first opened my shop 3 years ago.


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