Memories Of The Past

As the excitement and happy anticipation begins to build awaiting the birth of our first grandchild, lately I find my mind wandering back to memories of the past. Remembering happy times spent visiting my grandmother in her cozy little house. I loved going down into her cellar, which contained a cornucopia of homemade delights. Grandma would make a variety of jellies, sausages and pickled vegetables, fresh from her garden. Everything was all neatly arranged onto shelves. I would get to go down and pick out a flavor of jelly, always picking grape. 1082983Then upstairs to the kitchen for the best treat of all. A thick slice of her homemade bread slathered with butter and grape jelly!

I look forward to giving my new grandchild the gift of time. Time spent creating special moments together that will last a lifetime. I wish that both my parents and grandparents were here today to share this special moment. I know that they all look down from heaven and smile as the circle of life continues.


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