Design Inspiration

Recently, I was asked the question, Where does your design inspiration come from?  My work is inspired by life.   Ideas come to me from all directions.  I love nature, all the beautiful colors of flowers and the many different textures of the trees. Basically, I just look around and get ideas from watching people, my surroundings, architecture or events. 

When I first opened my Etsy Shop, most of the greeting cards that I offered featured flowers, such as the Blue Hydrangea Embossed Polka Dot Birthday Card. DSCN8738This was probably due to the fact that I worked as a floral designer for a number of years and enjoy going on walks and taking nature photos that are often featured on my cards. 

I needed a card to celebrate my son-in-law’s upcoming birthday.  Since he is an avid hunter and enjoys all things camouflage, I designed the Buck Silhouette Camouflage Birthday Card. DSCN5634 Decided to make a couple extra for the store and, lo and behold, it turned out to be the best selling card in my entire shop!  It also led to an complete line of camo cards.  I even took it one step further and also added some fishing cards too.  Couldn’t leave out the hubby that likes to fish.

A year ago, I was contacted by a family member that wanted to sell my greeting cards in her store, Curly’s Bead Emporium in Trinidad, Colorado.  However, she wanted designs that would relate to the products that she sells.  As a result of this collaboration, I now offer spiritual cards like the Embossed Golden Evil Eye All Occasion Card.DSCN8976 

Inspiration is everywhere.  It is as individual as we are. Just let it in, go with the flow and see where it takes you. Great things can happen!





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